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SOLID - Dan Wasdahl showed why he is the SCCA defending National Solo Champ in A-Mod. Didn't put a wheel wrong.

CLASSIC - Scott Lentz and Norm Beaver represented the "Old School" side of D-Mod in the classy Caterham.


WILEY FORD, WV - Endless wings shimmering in the Cumberland Autocross Series paddock may have seemed like a mirage.  Instead, Speed Week was an honest oasis of modified class cars, ten mod entries in the field, many of them warming up for Polish Mountain or upcoming SCCA national events.

The top dawgs were easy to spot.  George Bowland and Dan Wasdahl were both in the house with their national title winning A-Mod Sharks.  Hill climb specialist Kurt Eikenberg’s B-Mod Prince CSR and the classy D-Mod Caterham shared by Norm Beaver and Scott Lentz were also passing through for the weekend.

A back and forth Shark Fest between “once and future kings” led the way on Saturday, with Dan Wasdahl clipping mentor Bowland’s time by .129 seconds - but not before King George had charged into the lead halfway through the second heat.  Eikenberg wowed everyone with his crisp shifts and perfect lines, grabbing third overall from his first group run slot. Greg Honeycutt was the fastest “regular” and Wade Chamberlain’s heroic 46.663 pass was good enough for fifth overall, .193 south of Honeycutt.

Sunday was a carbon copy of Saturday within the Top 5, - except that Bowland’s day ended early with a throttle cable malfunction and that Matt Felten did his now-monthly swap with Honeycutt as the fastest local.  Chamberlain continued to show why Cumberland is his house and was fifth again, .229 short of Felten.

Pax standouts for the weekend included Saturday winner Randy Pearson and his SS rival Gary Miller on Saturday.  Chamberlain, Jake Moran and Jim Harris rounded out the Saturday Top 5.  Miller’s ZO6 was also tops on Sunday, followed by Chamberlain, Fast Freddy Kelley, Harris and Dennis Howard’s hot lap an ES BMW 325i.

Two day winners in contested classes included Noel Leslie (BS Honda), Ken Bane (CS Mazda), Benjamin J. Lambiotte (FS Mustang),  Darrel Imhoff (GS Honda),  Jim Harris (ASP Corvette),  Wade Chamberlain (XP Cobra),  Dan Wasdahl (AM Shark),  Curt Eikenberg (BM Prince),  Gary Hughes (EM Bruton), Karl Loper (SM Camaro) and Mike McCagh (SSM Farm Use Corvette).

Local drivers with contested class wins included Chris Fritz (Sunday BSP), Steve Hotchkiss (Sunday BSP Corvette).  Fastest NCCC Corvette Club drivers were Tom Ressin (Baltimore MD) on Saturday and Ken Novinger (Falling Waters WV) on Sunday.

Other local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included Matt Felten 8th,  John Felten 10th,  Gary Miller 16th,  Barry Knotts 18th,  Tink Phillips  19th,  Chris Fritz 23rd and Karl Loper 24th.  Other local drivers in the Sunday Top 25 included Greg Honeycutt  8th,  John Felten 9th,  Gary Miller 11th, Tink Phillips 12th,  Steve Hotchkiss 15th,  Karl Loper 20th,  Chris Fritz 22nd and Bill Smith IV, 24th.


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SWEET - Aboptable Lulu charmed the Saturday morning driver's meeting accepting a check from the June Historics Charity Auction.

COMFY - Some things never change. The Chesapeake PCA Cabana was a popular cooling off spot for members of the tongue-in-cheek "B Team".

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