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The 2012 Summer Sizzler Saturday event saw a total of 50 competitors battling it out in an eight-run format. Drivers benefited from four runs in the morning, a lunch break and then four runs in the afternoon.

Randy Pearson sealed the pax win and Wade Chamberlain locked up another FTD win in his Factory Five racer, edging out Fred Kelley in his B-Mod Van Diemen. The fastest local winner was Keyser’s Tink Phillips in seventh overall. Local Diver Pete Harrison topped other B-Stock drivers in his Honda S2000 while posting 18th overall.

Local contested class winners for Saturday included Ken Bane, CS, Steve Wilson, EP, Bill Smith, IV, AM.

Oftentimes, we report on the fastest cars at the Cumberland Airport Autocross. The Sunday version of the 2012 Summer Sizzler revealed some hard-fought battles and personal victories amongst the car classes. In a sport that's measured by tenths and hundredths of a second, a couple of seconds is a decisive class win. Pete Harrison shined Sunday winning a five car field of B-Stock cars by a hefty 2.3 second margin. In C Stock, Ken Bane won big by 2.3 seconds over second place John Ryan. Chris Fritz worked hard for a 2.2 second win over Dennis Howard in ASP. Howard’s “BFF” Dan Dazzo took the six car BSP win over Jeffery Geiger by 1.6 seconds. Tink Phillips won XP by 2.2 seconds over Joe Oxenham who retired early.

In the under one second class win category, H-Stock was on fire as Alex Redding won the class over Michael Bane by seven tenths of a second, while Gary Smith piloted his purple Dune Buggy past Linda Redding by four tenths to take 3rd in HS. DSP saw Doug Macy slide past Steve Wade for a half-second class win. EP was close with Mark Boggs edging out Steve Wilson by three tenths of a second. Pax honors went to Pete Harrison Driving his B-Stock Honda S2000.


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