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Wade Larry

WADE PROGRAMS - CBE Cobra King Wade Chamberlain dialed up the right formula at the Summer Sizzler. Best raw time on both days, but only Sunday counted.

LARRY LAUGHS - August was a great month for CACC star Larry Casey, capturing a share of the WDCR XP season title and a Sizzler FTD.


WILEY FORD - The 2011 Cumberland Airport Autocross Series Summer Sizzler can be best described as a case of “thunder times three”. 

After a harried attempt to run a new PAX based shoot-out on Friday night was postponed by thunder and lightning before the brackets were set, the thunderous bark of the Capital Area Cobra Club closed out all contenders to claim Fastest Time Of The Day on Saturday and Sunday.

With WDCR SCCA represented by half a dozen of their regulars, Saturday’s CBE field spend most of day chasing National SMF Solo Champ Brian Karwan’s first group, sixth run flyer of 42.339.   Saturday’s short, open course was an equalizer between the nimble and the muscular and Karwan’s time teetered throughout the entire third group as Wade Chamberlain ran under the bar twice - but coned both runs.  Both Larry Casey and Greg Honeycutt were quickly in the 42’s as well.

Larry Casey, fresh off a comeback run that claimed a share of the DC Region XP season from club mate Fred Kelley, came through in dramatic fashion - wrestling his ground pounding Factory Five Roadster racer to a .074 second win on his sixth and final run.  Chamberlain was third. Honeycutt ended fourth and consistently fast Doug Smith completed a CACC trifecta in the Top 5.

On Sunday, the light field was condensed into two run groups with a lunch break in an effort to beat the arrival of another impending weather front.  The FTD chase was all about the Thundering Third.  Runners in that group eventually claimed the top nine overall times.   With rain imminent, Casey held the edge coming into the fourth and last run.  Chamberlain got down to 43.821 and as sprinkles turned to drizzle, Casey ran his best of the day, but was .187 seconds slower.  Honeycutt third, Doug Smith fourth, repeating their Saturday Top 5 finishes and Fred Kelley moved up to fifth.

Brian Karwan’s great Saturday performance ran away with the PAX title, besting Jon Claypool’s street tired Evo by .792 PAX seconds.    Smooth Jim Harris carried the Sunday PAX honors home to Virginia, besting Chamberlain by .130 on the computer.

Double contested class winners for the weekend included Gary Miller (SS ZO6), Ken Bane (CS Mazda), Paul Przyborski (DS Subaru), Alex Redding (HS MBGT), Joe Oxenham (ESP Mustang),  Bill Smith IV (AM Locost), Greg Honeycutt (BM Reynard) and Karl Loper (SM Camaro).

Local single day contested class winner included Pete Harrison (Sunday BS Honda),  and Garrett Barnett (FS Mustang).

Other local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included Tink Phillips 9th (XP Daytona Coupe), Gary Miller 12th,  John Felten 15th (BM Reynard), Chris Fritz 16ht (BSP Suburu), Loper 18th, Steve Hotchkiss 19th (BSP Corvette), Barry Knotts 21st (XP Cobra) and Oxenham 24th.

Other local drivers in the Sunday Top 25 were Phillips 7th,  Miller 8th, Loper 9th, Fritz 13th, Hotchkiss 17th,  Ken Bane 20th,  Oxenham 21st and Harrison 25th.



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Larry Shuffle

LARRY POLISHES - Larry Casey's powerplant is shinier and stronger than before. Big intercooler now upstream of his Kenne Bell blower.

ESKANDARI'S SHUFFLE - Eric and Jen got their cardio as visiting racers at the Sizzler. 20 driver changes in two days, by our count.

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