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SURVIVAL GEAR - Water, shade and sunscreen were the order of the day as the 2010 Summer Sizzler lived up to its name.

DOUBLE DOMINANT - Greg Honeycutt nicked Larry Casey by .017 seconds for Saturday FTD, then nailed his last Sunday pass to double up.


WILEY FORD, WV - The Great Heat Wave Of 2010 hung around just long enough to bake the Summer Sizzler Autocross to a light crisp during two days of Safari style autocrossing.

Staying steady through the oppressive conditions, Cumberland’s Greg Honeycutt was Double Top Dog at the third stop on the six-event Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Autocross Series - but he garnered his double FTD titles by different routes.

Saturday heated up early and stayed that way.  Competition conditions were a big question as drivers signed up in National Road Autosport’s flexible format.   The usual suspects in FTD contention were slotted almost randomly across the board and drivers from all four groups ended up in the Top 5.   

Mike Moran was the fastest in Group One, sealing Matt Felten out of the FTD battle.  Moran would end up fifth overall.  Honeycutt ran in the second without close competition and laid down a 47.562 for the rest to chase. Cobra jockeys Casey and Chamberlain took up the chase in the third. Chamberlain came up two-tenths shy and settled for third.  “Lare Bear” Casey, unshaken by his exciting adventures the night before, reached the 47.5 range and had one more lap available to grab the prize. His visibly-fast fifth pass ended up just .017 slower than Honeycutt.   Drama also in the fourth, as SCCA Regional champ Brian Karwan’s SMF Civic was quickly into the 47 second range but kept clipping the same exit cone on the very first box on the course. Karwan’s best clean run was a 47.9, good for fourth overall.

The heat finally won on Sunday and the thin 58-car field condensed down into three groups.  FTD action was compressed into the third group, resulting in a rapid-fire carousel of attack and response.  The Saturday Top 3 were quickly into the 44-second range on Mark Boggs’ very well-received flowing Sunday course. Honeycutt led most of the way, until Chamberlain nosed down to 44.460 on his fourth pass. Casey ended third best at 44.952 and was out of play.   They could only watch as Honeycutt’s last pass carried the day decisively at 44.225.  Gary Hughes was 4th in his Stalker and Mike Moran finished fifth again.

Two-day winners in contested classes included John Porasky (AS Porsche), Ron Dotts (BS Corvette), Rob Robeson (CS Mazda), Jeffrey Geiger (FS Camaro),  Chris Fritz (BSP Subaru),  Steve Lutz (DP Porsche), Honeycutt (BM Reynard) and Karl Loper (SM Camaro).  Cumberland driver Gary Miller and Pittsburgh’s Randy Pearson continued their season-long tussle in Super Stock with Miller’s ZO6 willing on Saturday and Pearson’s ZO6 taking the class on Sunday.

Local single-day winners in contested classes included Kenn Nyga (ESP Saturday), Steve Hotchkiss (STS Saturday) and Gary Smith (HS Sunday).

Other local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included John Felten 10th (BM Reynard), Tink Phillips 11th (XP Daytona), Joe Oxenham 12th  (XP Cobra), Miller 13th, Barry Knotts 15th (XP Cobra), Matt Felten 16th (BM Reynard), Fritz 17th, Bill Smith IV 18th (AM Lotus), Loper 19th,  and Ken Bane 25th (SM Mustang).

Other local drivers is the Sunday Top 25 included John Felten 11th, Phillips 12th, Bill Smith IV 13th, Knotts 15th, Loper 17th, Miller 18th, Chris Fritz 19th, and Ken Bane 21st.


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RESTLESS NATIVES -  These people are smiling because they are first in line at registration and can return to their shelters.

YENKO CUP – In true Cumberland Autocross fashion the 2009 Yenko Cup was smoothly awarded in July 2010.

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