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Caldron Greg Honeycutt

CORN STALKERS – It is Higson’s Farm corn season in the Maryland Mountains, much to the delight of Sizzler picnic goers.

PHONE IT IN – Double FTD Greg Honeycutt nailed two fifth-pass laps to lead the pack at CBE for the first time since 2006.


WILEY FORD, WV - The Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Auotcross Series Summer Sizzler was unfolding like a familiar mid-summer Shakespearean script. That is, until two consecutive clutch late laps by Cumberland’s Greg Honeycutt turned the show into a “night at the Improv” – returning Honeycutt’s BMod Reynard to the FTD circle at Cumberland for the first time since 2006.

Under cool cloudy skies on Saturday in a field of 83 starters, the plot thickened just before lunch as Matt Felten’s second group performance ended a bit uneven for his high standards.  By the second rotation of the strong third group it seemed that the younger Felten may have left a little on the table. 

But that said, his 51.539 pass still stood midway through the group’s last go-round despite attacks from the likes of Kelley, Casey, Hughes and Jake Moran.  

Down his last shot, Cobra ace Wade Chamberlain proved the vulnerability theory true with a wheel locking slide-job hare lap to get down under 51 seconds, then pulled into the grass to watch the remaining open wheelers take their shots.  Jeff Duncan and Felten The Elder came up short, but Honeycutt launched with grim purpose, nailed every element of the Mark Boggs masterpiece course and flashed Chamberlain a jaw dropping digital display of 49.971 seconds to take FTD by almost a full second.  Brian Karwan’s SM Civic was strong in the fourth group, gaining the last spot in the Top 5 behind Duncan’s fourth-place Ultralite.

Sunday opened with rain but the front pushed on before the walk-through and all four groups ran in the dry.  Matt Felten was back on form and the second group ended with Felten and Mike Moran as the two best times for the day.  But Pandora was out of the box and the third group took chase again with John Felten and Honeycutt pushing hard - each with an off - but each getting closer to the target with each run.  Chamberlain was out of magic, finishing fifth, spectacular in the trying.  Duncan improved to third and John Felten topped out at fourth.   The job of catching was again up to Honeycutt, who carried the day with a workmanlike fifth run of 43.691, grabbing FTD by a much-closer .049.

Jim Harris, back in his ZO6, won SS both days.  Other two day winners in contested classes included Peter Harrison (AS Honda), Rob Robeson (BS Mazda), Matt Cary (DS Volkswagen), Meg Ellis (ES Mazda), Jeff Schliffka (FS Shelby), Alex Redding (HS MGB-GT), Chamberlain (XP Factory Five Cobra),  Honeycutt (BM Reynard),  Gary Hughes (EM Stalker) and Joe Oxenham (ESP Mustang).

Local single day contested class winners included Steve Hotchkiss (Saturday BSP Corvette), Bill Nyga (Sunday BSP Corvette), Steve Wade (Saturday DSP Mini), Darrel  Imhoff ( Sunday ST Honda),  Karl Loper (Sunday SM Camaro), and Bill Smith IV (Saturday AM Lotus 7).

Other local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included Tink Phillips 15th, Gary Miller 16th,  Sean Pfeiffer 17th,  Hotchkiss 18th, Barry Knotts 19th,  Harrison 20th, and Loper 21st.  Other local drivers in the Sunday Top 25 included Miller 13th, Phillps 14th,  Knotts 17th, Pfeiffer 18th,  Nyga 19th, Hotchkiss 23rd, Loper 24th, and Oxenham 25th.

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Clutch Coupe

SOUP DE JOUR – BMod Reynards ruled at the Summer Sizzler, placing three drivers in the top 5 overall times on Sunday.

COUPE DE JOUR -  Ben Lambiotte’s Daytona Coupe drew a crowd every time it stood  still in it’s Cumberland debut.

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