Greg's Reynard John Felten's Reynard
SUBARU ASSASSINS – Mike and James Moran nearly stole the upset of the year with a great handling AWD racer and clever Saturday tire warming. PORTA POT O GOLD – Some pictures require no explanation.


WILEY FORD, WV – There’s no fooling Mother Nature. A sold-out field battled cold and rain before succumbing to a Saturday-ending windstorm during the fourth annual Pumpkin Carve Autocross, sixth and final leg of the 2006 Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Autocross Series.

On Saturday, the flying Moran Brothers from central Pennsylvania almost stole the show, with Mike Moran coming up only .040 short of FTD in a Subaru shared with wife Jennifer and brother James, both of whom ran in the first group of the day. With warmer tires and drying track, the Moran’s all-wheel-drive racer almost pulled the upset of the season. Previous Cumberland winner Matt Felten barely nipped Moran for FTD, turning a 49.950 second lap in his superior but traction-starved Reynard. Wade Chamberlain’s Cobra was third, followed by French national Francois Bru, also in a Subaru, and Cobra standout Travis Grabb from Clinton, VA.

During the fourth heat on Saturday a 48 knot shear wind descended on the airport and ended the day’s competition early by blowing away the entire course and much of the organizer’s equipment.

Sunday was calmer weather-wise and more of an even playing field. Cumberland driver Greg Honeycutt’s Reynard, the only formula car entered Sunday, dominated in a 1.751 second FTD win over SCCA standout Jason Becker from Aberdeen, MD, in the OG Racing BMW M-Coupe. Chamberlain settled for a “pair of tres” for his weekend’s work, followed by Brian Hair, sharing the OG Racing ride. Bru’s Subaru was fifth.

Double winners in contested classes for the abbreviated weekend included Rob Harris - Pittsburgh (SS Z06); Ethan Connor, Pittsburgh (BS BMW M3); Don Wilson, Hollidaysburg (CS Mazda); Bru (BSP Sti); Paul Rieckenberg (CSP Pontiac); Mike Moran (DSP Subaru); Chamberlain (BP Cobra) and Alli Mogus (DM Italia).

Other local single day class winners included Richard Biancone (Saturday ES Datsun), Buddy Haines (Saturday FS Mustang), Michael Shriver (HS Subaru), Mike McCagh (Sunday SMII Corvette) and Ed Lutman (Sunday FS Ford).

Other local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included Karl Loper (BP Daytona) 10th, Tink Phillps (BP Daytona) 11th, Ken Bane (SM Mustang) 19th, Steve Hotchkiss (AS Corvette) 20th and Steve Wilson (ASP Porsche) 25th.

Local Sunday Top 25 drivers also included Bane 20th, Phillips 23rd, Pete Harrison (AS Honda) 24th and Loper 25th.


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Impressive Impreza Flying
DARK SHADOWS – The Saturday drivers meeting was just the beginning of the bad news for weather related hassles. FORMULA FAST – Greg Honeycutt dominated on the a dry and windy Sunday long course.

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