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MAN AND MACHINE – Double FTD winner George Bowland is definitely not deprived of feedback between himself and his racer. CRABS RULE – July means many things, including crabs and corn at the renowned monthly Cumberland Autocross Picnic

Fast Company At Cumberland Speed Week Airport Autocross

WILEY FORD, WV - It was easy to see from a quick glance at the sold-out Mountain State Classic Autocross entry list that the Cumberland Regional Airport was in fast company.

Four of the country’s fastest hill climbers, in town a week early for the August Polish Mountain Hill Climb, dominated the field and claimed top spots in the third leg of the six event Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Autocross Series.

The first two days of Cumberland’s National Road Autosport “Speed Week” belonged to two North Carolina drivers – twelve time national champ George Bowland in his high winged Shark special and cotton farmer Stan Vann’s classic Caldwell D-9 Formula Ford.

Saturday, Bowland didn’t hook up perfectly in his first session at the historic airport venue, leaving Vann a glimmer of hope for Fast Time of the Day, but the Murfreesboro farmer settled for second, just ahead of a strong performance by local Reynard shoe Matt Felten, who claimed third against a very strong field. Virginian Dave Cutchins’ Swift was a tenth of second behind in fourth. Former Cumberland FTD winner Chuck Sieber, from Virginia, rounded out the top five in his E-Mod class Lotus.

On Sunday, Bowland’s carbon fiber preying mantis covered the field by an amazing 3.284 seconds. Vann was second again as Sieber, Cutchins and Felten reshuffled their Saturday Top Five positions.

Double class winners in contested classes for the weekend included Pete Harrison (AS S2000), Richard Biancone (ES Mazda), Rob Robeson (HS Stratus), Dennis Howard, (ASP Porsche), Steve Lutz (DP Porsche), Matt Felten (BM Reynard), Vann (CM Caldwell), and Sieber (EM Lotus).

Local single day winners in contested classes included Andy Lindner (Saturday GS Stealth), Pat Geraghty (Sunday BS Porsche), Larry Zjadel (Sunday DS Audi), Gary Miller (Sunday SS Corvette), Mark Boggs (Saturday BSP Porsche), Bill Nyga (Sunday BSP Corvette), Kenn Nyga (Sunday ESP Firebird), Paul Pryzborski (Saturday ST BMW), Corey Shepherd (Sunday, ST Golf), Doug Macy (Saturday DSP Audi), Karl Loper (Saturday SM Camaro),

Local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included Matt Felten 3rd, Greg Honeycutt (BM Reynard) 10th, John Felten (BM Reynard) 11th, Tink Phillips (XP Daytona) 17th, Loper 18th, Lutz 21st, Harrison 22nd, and Steve Hotchkiss (AS Corvette) 24th.

Sunday local Top 25 drivers included Matt Felten 5th, Honeycutt 6th, Miller 17th, Loper 18th, Phillips 19th, John Felten 20th, and Sean Pfeiffer (EM Porsche) 23rd


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Ford GTO 356
RAIN OR SHINE – Dave Williams’ Bergsteiger liveried 944 appears prepared for rain or shine on the grid. HUH? Mike McCagh gets a good look at the Shark and comes away with more questions than answers.

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