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Duncan Stan Vann

PHOTO OP – Virginian Jeff Duncan was honored at the driver’s meeting with his deserved place on the Runway Café Wall Of Fame.

SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN – Stan Vann trailered up from North Carolina to get in one more lick before the cotton harvest.


WILEY FORD, WV – Fenders were not the hot tip at the 2009 Harvest Moon Autocross.  After two days of back and forth competition, a gaggle of fast open wheelers topped the field in the fifth installment of the six-event 2009 Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Autocross Series.

It’s been a long competitive year at Cumberland - all over the Mid-Atlantic for that matter - and the toll began to show in September as numerous teams struggled with tired power plants, balky bits and cooked tires.  Fittingly, the weekend’s FTD runs came late in the day and not without big efforts.

On Saturday, Mark Boggs served up another flowing quick course. Brian Karwan’s early benchmark gave way in the third heat, bested by no less than nine of the runners in the group.  Preemptive 2009 Cobra Cup repeater Wade Chamberlain, Top Gun champ Larry Casey and Felten The Elder all got down into the 45’s but nobody had an answer for DMod standout Jeff Duncan’s 44.741 pass as the third closed out. 

In the fourth, Greg Honeycutt’s summer-long FTD streak ended with a balky engine, leaving the work of chasing Duncan to North Carolina’s Gentleman Stan Vann. Like a patient Appalachian whittler, the smooth driving Vann nibbled away through his six runs, coning and going off course in the early going but working downward with every lap before grabbing another Cumberland FTD by .006 seconds with a nicely carved 44.735 on his last pass.

Other tight Saturday finishes involved Pittsburgh’s Dan Ireland, nosing his ESP Mustang ahead of  Kenn Nyga’s Morgantown-stabled 2002 Trans Am by .009 seconds and Doug Macy winning Saturday DSP in his Audi 90 Couple over the Steve Wade Mini Cooper S, part of a season-long back and forth battle.  As usual this season, Wade returned the favor on Sunday.

Sunday’s course was a bit more open still and the fast guys responded.  Chamberlain showed why Cumberland is “his house”, using sheer force of will to push his XP Cobra beyond any semblance of a reasonable traction budget, ending the third group with a possible FTD 44.406 time ahead of Duncan and Casey.

The time didn’t stand for long, though. Mod car jockeys Vann, Honeycutt and 2008 dominator Matt Felten were all in the house and on their game in the fourth.   Honeycutt’s repaired Reynard laid down some serious smack midway through the run group with a 44.093 to hold the top spot for a few fleeting minutes until Felten dropped the bar down to 43.861, this after making between-heat repairs on his Reynard’s twisted nose wing. That effort turned out to be the day’s single foray into the 43’s and only Vann improved thereafter, ending third overall at 44.210.  FTD to Felten the Younger, his third this year.

Pax results revealed great performances all weekend from Smooth Jim Harris, Chamberlain, Casey and A Stock ace Ron Dotts, with the same foursome playing through as the top pax runners on both event days.  Harris was tops on Saturday, Chamberlain on Sunday.

Two-day contested class winners included Harris (SS Z06), Chamberlain (XP Cobra), Dotts (AS Corvette), Alex Redding (HS MGBGT), Steve Hotchkiss (BSP Corvette), Dan Ireland (ESP Mustang), Karl Loper (SM Camaro) and Andre Downey (STX Subaru),

Single day local winners in contested classes included Jeffery Geiger (FS Camaro) who upset Mark Liller’s Charger on Saturday, Mark Boggs, (Saturday AM Lotus), John Felten (Saturday BM Reynard), ), Doug Macy (Saturday DSP Audi), Buddy Haines (Sunday GS Mustang), Bill Smith IV (Sunday AM Lotus), Matt Felten (Sunday BM Reynard), and Michael Bane (Sunday ST BMW).

Local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 also included Barry Knotts (XP Cobra) 9th, Tink Phillips (XP Daytona) 10th, Hotchkiss 12th, Honeycutt 14th,  Boggs 18th,  and Bill Smith IV 24th.

Local driver in the Sunday To0 25 included John Felten 7th, Phillips 13th, Knotts 14th,  Hotchkiss 20th and Joe Oxenham (ESP Mustang) 23rd.


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Ireland Hansen

IRELAND ESCAPES - Dan Ireland’s Mustang collected a double ESP for the trip from Pittsburgh, winning both days by mere thousandths. 

DIASIO DEBUTS – Marta Hansen brought a recently acquired Diaoso 962 to CBE for a shakedown, eventually succumbing to lost fluid issues.

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