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Danny Kao Ron Dotts

SEE MOD  –  Danny Kao visited from the DC Region SCCA and squired his C-Mod Van Diemen to two Top 10 finishes.

DOUBLE PAX –  Ron Dotts’ pretty Gran Sport has been untouchable in AS, topping the PAX results both days.


WILEY FORD, WV - The Harvest Moon Autocross field played “catch me if you can” with red hot Matt Felten but came up short, putting Felten over the bar as the single-season FTD record holder in the Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Autocross Series.

The soft-spoken Cumberland Reynard formula car driver was fastest on Saturday in May and has now swept both days in June, August and September bringing his season total to 7 FTD titles.  2008 SCCA National AModified Champ George Bowland has been the only driver to capture Fast Time of The Day over Felten in Cumberland this season.

Under beautiful clear skies on Saturday, Felten worked his way down to 46.790 seconds during his six runs on a Mark Boggs designed course that included a nasty offset cone box immediately after the start.  Hughes in his Stalker Lotus 7 and family car chief John Felten got down into the 48-second range to capture second and third.  Virginia-based Ultralite Lotus 7 shoe Jeff Duncan claimed his usual place in the Top 5 with a wild 49.117 pass. CACC ace Wade Chamberlain was fifth, grabbing the favorite’s role in the tight race for the season-long Cumberland Cobra Cup.

On Sunday, cone-meister Boggs opened things up on the front half of the course, threw a few speed limiting twists into the back half of the smoothly flowing layout and drew rave reviews for his edits.   Gary Hughes put his head down and chased mightily – shirtsleeves flying in his open cockpit.  Hughes got within .790 seconds of Felten on his fourth run (half of the previous day’s gap) but could get no closer.

The rest of the Sunday Top 5 was populated by the stirring trio of Hubble, Casey and Kelley…no, not a double play combination for the 1923 Chicago Cubs…but rather three of the four CACC horsemen, all besting Chamberlain in a back and forth XP class battle that kept the Cobra Cup wide open for a Pumpkin Carve face-off in October.  Click here to download a spreadsheet of the current Cumberland Cobra Cup standings and possible point totals the top three drivers could earn in October.

Other notable performances included continuing domination of the Cumberland Airport Stock classes by double PAX winner Ron Dotts, Bellefonte PA, in his SCCA C4 Corvette Gran Sport and Potomac Maryland’s Danny Kao, who ran 7th and 10th overall in his C Mod Van Diemen formula car.

Two-day contested class winners included Jim Harris (SS Z06), Dotts (AS Corvette), Rob Robson (BS Mazda), Larry Zajdel (DS Audi), Meg Ellis (ES Mazda), Mark Liller (FS Dodge Charger), Alex Redding (HS MGB-GT), Steve Hotchkiss (BSP Corvette), Les, Davis (CSP Mazda), Joe Oxenham (ESP Mustang), Steve Lutz (DP Porsche) and Matt Felten (BM Reynard).

Local single day contested class winners included John Waugaman (CS Mazda), Steve Wilson (Sunday ASP Porsche), Karl Loper (Saturday SM Camaro), Ken Bane (Sunday SM Mustang), Jim Shultz (ST BMW), Mike McCagh (Saturday SM2 Farm Use Corvette) and Bill Smith IV (Sunday SM2 Porsche).

Other local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included Steve Hotchkiss 13th, Tink Phillips (XP Daytona) 14th, Loper 15th, Gary Miller (SS ZO6) 16th, Lutz 18th,  Sean Pfeiffer (BM Crossle) 23rd, and Harrison 24th.

Sunday Top 25 local drivers included Phillips 8th, John Felten 9th, Hotchkiss 16th, Miller 16th, Bane 17th, Loper 18th,  Pfeiffer 19th, and Lutz 21st.


Saturday Overall PDF
Saturday Overall HTM
Saturday Class PDF
Saturday Class HTM
Saturday PAX PDF
Saturday PAX HTM

Sunday Overall PDF
Sunday Overall HTM
Sunday Class PDF
Sunday Class HTM
Sunday PAX PDF
Sunday PAX HTM

Larry Casey Gary Hughes

BACK AND FORTH –  Larry Casey grabbed second and third in XP, staying alive in the back and forth battle for Cumberland’s Cobra Cup.

HANGING OUT  - Gary Hughes gave game chase for FTD both days, replete with old style all-elbows driving style in his Stalker 7.

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