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ALL IN - A record of number drivers subscribed to the entire 2009 Cumberland Series. Wonder if it's the beer at the picnics? ROCKET ROCKET - Tink Phillips was presented the 2008 ATK Cup by the guy who drives the Bugsey's Bill Nyga Racing Corvette.

Turf Protected Saturday, Surfing Contest Sunday at 2009 Icebreaker

WILEY FORD, WV – The 2009 Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Autocross Series lcebreaker was a tale of two very different days.

National Road Autoport’s reputation for fast competition and warm hospitality attracted two fields of 80-plus entries for the 2009 season lid lifter.  In the fight for FTD, the usual suspects in their open wheel racers, a gaggle of purpose-built Cobras who proudly claim Cumberland as their competition home base, Clan Moran’s Science Club and SCCA rockets Jason Becker and Brian Karwan all came out  to compete.

On Saturday, the battle for the top spot began in earnest on the drying tarmac in Group Two.  Becker’s BMW Coupe ended at 44.424, bothered by a tire rub - coning on a 44.1 run.  The Cumberland turf so strongly established in 2008 was successfully defended in Group Two when Matt Felten’s Reynard scorched a fifth run 43.428 pass to capture FTD.

Running in Group Three, Jeff Duncan (DM Ultralite) reached third best and Wade Chamberlain was the fastest Cobra, good enough for fifth overall. More drama came from Group Four, as SM ace Brian Karwan’s Civic clawed to a fourth best 44.486, leaving the FTD question up to Subaru’s designated point man, Mike Moran, who continued his vision quest for a Cumberland FTD by screaming down into the 43 second range. That run carried XP and CACC bragging rights, but missed getting his picture on the wall in the Runway Café yet again, second overall this time by .458 seconds.

Notable class fights on Saturday included Jim Synder’s AS win in a Porsche Boxster, Doug Macy’s (Audi 90 Coupe) victory in DSP over two more modern hot hatchbacks and Gary Gurchik’s Camaro Z28 edging Smooth Jim Harris (Mustang Bullit) by .060 in ESP.

Sunday was a different story, totally “surfs up” with a soaking all-day rain forcing a significant scramble from racers and organizers alike. With the willing field at only 50 of the registered 80-plus, a vote was held to run, practice or scrub the drenched day.  Drivers voted overwhelmingly to run and work.  With the precision of Navy Seals, organizers redeployed their collection of shelters to cover corner workers as best they could and the show went on, albeit an hour and change behind the usual post time.

With the field consolidated into two run groups, Mike Moran paced Group One with only run under 50 seconds, a 49.602.  Moran chose to remain on Hoosier A6’s, a fateful choice in retrospect….as it didn’t take long in Group Two to sense that former FTD’s Jeff Duncan and Larry Casey on Toyo R888’s and Smooth Jim Harris’s steed (also on hydrophilic new skins) were going to challenge the assumption that this was a Subaru day.

When the spray settled, Duncan’s Ultralite stood as the Sunday FTD, edging Casey’s Cobra by .209 seconds in a spirited chase.  Harris won ESP and finished as the meat in an AWD sandwich, fourth between Mike and Jake Moran to round out the top five.  Ken Bane (SM Mustang) and Science Club VP Jen Moran, also sang in the rain capturing 7th and 9th overall, respectively.

Among the class battles, Pennsylvanian Don Wilson won the War Between The States in SS, edging Virginian Gary Hughes, first locked out of his C6 Corvette, then edged out by .249 seconds for the class win.  Alan Pozner switched places with co-driver Jim Snyder at the top of AS.  Lee Watson (Dodge SRT4)  reversed spots with Doug Macy in DSP and  Alex Redding (MGB GT) edged Gary Smith in H-Stock.

Double contested class winners for the weekend included Rob Robseon (BS Mazda), Dave Kraige (DS Audi),  Francois Bru (BSP Subaru), Bill Pritts (FSP BMW),  Bill Smith IV (EM Porsche) and Paul Przyborski (STS BMW).

Other local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 also included Greg Honeycutt (BM Reyard) 9th,  Tink Phillips (XP Daytona) 13th,  Steve Hotchkiss (BPS Corvette) 19th,  Sean Pfeiffer (BM Crossley-Lola) 20th,  Gary Miller (SS ZO6) 23rd.

Other local drivers in the Sunday Top 25 included Honeycutt (BSP Corvette) 12th,  Pete Harrison (AS Honda)  14th, Hotchkiss 16th,  Phillips 19th, Mark Boggs (BSP Porsche) 21st and Steve Wade (STX Mini) 25th.

Single day local contested class winners included Matt Felten (BM Reyard),  Ken Bane (SM Mustang),  Ted Haines (GS Mustang), Doug Macy (DSP Audi), Meg Ellis (ES Mazda) and John Waugaman (CS Mazda).


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Hubbell Pozner

CLASS PROJECT - Moran Racing's other-worldly Subaru continues to impress scoring a second, third, fifth and ninth over two days.

FISHY FRIENDS - Rain meisters Jeff Duncan and Larry Casey stormed to the front on Sunday finishing first and second overall on Toyo R888s.

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