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GREAT WEEKEND – Jason Becker from Aberdeen just missed becoming Cumberland’s first ever Double-Triple weekend winner. OFF SEASON ENERGY RELEASED – Sunday fourth heat starter Paul Pryzborski demonstrates potential Olympic form.


WILEY FORD, WV – Aberdeen, Maryland’s Jason Becker came within one run of a unique double-triple performance at the 2007 Cumberland Airport Icebreaker Autocross before splitting the weekend’s Fast Time of the Day (FTD) honors with Chuck Sieber from McLean, Virginia.

National Road Autosport’s six-event Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Autocross Series kicks off annually with an Icebreaker to provide early season shakedown time for competitors and organizers. The field was rich with new and upgraded competition cars.

As it turned out, even event organizers needed the day for field testing. The typically dependable National Road timing and scoring team battled through a Saturday technical delay of nearly an hour’s length and ultimately resorted to hand tallied result logs.

Becker’s nearly magic performance began with a great Saturday lap of 49.851 in the OG Racing sponsored Imola Red BMW M-Coupe. Running in ASP, Becker outlegged the purpose built B Modified Reynard Fords of Matt and John Felten. Jim Harris (SS Corvette ZO6) from Virginia and Pennsylvanian Mike Moran (SM Subrau Impreza) filled out the Top Five. Classified as a street machine with an advantageous handicap, Becker captured not only FTD and his class, but won PAX handicap honors as well.

Sunday looked the same as Becker out dueled the freshly liveried Reynard of Greg Honeycutt in the third heat and held FTD going in the day’s final run group. Previous Cumberland FTD winner Chuck Sieber and his radical E Mod Lotus Buick had other plans and on his next-to-last pass Sieber clipped of a run of 50.873 to claim Sunday’s FTD, leaving Becker to settle for a class win and the PAX title. Wiley Ford’s “Flying Feltens” again filled out the Top 5.

Double class winners for the weekend included Harris (SS Corvette ZO6), Bill Geraghty (BS Porsche 928), Alan Pozner (DS Acura), Darrel Imhoff (GS Acura), Rob Robeson (HS Stratus), Becker (ASP BMW Coupe), Kenn Nyga (ESP Firebird), and Mike Moran (SM Subaru).

Local single day local class winners included Hotchkiss (Saturday AS), Richard Bianconne (Saturday ES 280ZX), Jim Shultz (Sunday ES Miata), Bill Nyga (Sunday BSP Corvette), Matt Felten (Saturday BM Reynard), Honeycutt (Sunday BM Reynard), Scott Pfeiffer (Saturday EM Porsche 914), Jim Shultz (Saturday ST BMW), Pat Geraghty (Sunday ST BMW) and Steve Wade (Sunday STX Mini Cooper S).

Local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included Bill Nyga 8th, Tink Phillips (XP Daytona)10th, Karl Loper (SM Camaro) 11th, Hotchkiss 16th, Mike McCagh (SM Corvette) 17th, Ken Bane (SM Mustang) 22nd, Kenn Nyga 23rd and Scott Pfeiffer 25th.

Local drivers making the Sunday Top 25 included Bill Nyga 9th, Phillips 12th, Bane 15th, Hotchkiss 19th, Pete Harrison (AS Honda) 20th and Loper 22nd.


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Impressive Impreza Flying
PICNIC SCHOLAR – Young Joshua Pfeiffer got an up close and personal chance to see where food comes from at Icebreaker picnic. UNEARTHLY LOTUS - Looking much like a Star Wars Speeder, Chuck Sieber’s E Mod Lotus snatched Sunday FTD late in the fourth heat.

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