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BEACH BOYS - Replete with perfect accents and clean ground-up rebuild, this Beach FV team, heads for the hill climb circuit from here. MINI CHAMPS - Don Fasbinder found plenty of new friends by towing his FSP Mini from Eldersburg for the day.

Matt Felten By A Mile at 2010 Historics.

WILEY FORD, WV - For those too young to remember, gas stations gave “Green Stamps” with gasoline in the days of the Cumberland Nationals Sports Car Races. Thrifty families would paste miles of these stamps into coupon books and redeem them for household accessories.  They were very big in these parts - much bigger than competing “Plaid Stamps” - with a large and wondrous redemption center in LaVale.

If winning margins were similarly bankable today, Matt Felten would have a house full of toasters and Mid-Century Modern end tables with the stamps he collected at the Cumberland Historics.  “Felten The Younger” claimed FTD both days at the second leg of the 2010 Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Autocross Series by a combined total of more than 2.7 seconds.

On Saturday, SCCA Divisional Champ Jason Becker and Felten quickly dropped times into the 66-second bracket during the second heat. Neither kept their best time, with Felten coning on a 66.268 run, leaving his clean second pass of 66.486 as his best.  Becker never did muster a clean run, but his tantalizing 66.095 +1 was still good enough for first place in PAX and fifth overall for the day!  Third group open wheelers Jeff Duncan and Gary Hughes reached the 67-second barrier to claim second and third overall.  In the fourth, Mike Moran ran 67.728 to claim the XP win and fourth overall in his hard working Subaru. SCCA Divisional winner Brian Karwan, snatched second in XP and sixth overall in his Honda.

Weather played a role on Sunday.  A fast moving front whipped through the region, leaving the City of Cumberland under blue skies but dumping rain, wind and lightning at the airport.  Jason Becker was fastest when the event stood down for the fireworks. That time would stand for his second PAX win of the weekend.

Things dried quickly, but second group drivers were handicapped with a wet start to their heat.  Fortune smiled on those drivers who could finagle numbers that started with four.

Gary Hughes’ good weekend continued and he held FTD by the end of the third run group, all in the dry but getting better with each pass.  Larry Casey was again the best Cobra, just a tenth of second behind the Hughes Stalker. Jeff Duncan secured what would end as another CBE Top 5 with a low 48.

In the fourth, the Reynards of Matt Felten and Greg Honeycutt nosed to the line in the best conditions of the day.  Honeycutt got down to fourth best overall in his last run, but nobody would have anything for Felten this weekend. Matt capped off his double with a sizzling 46.054, a full 1.7 seconds faster than the field.

Two-day winners in contested classes included Ron Dotts (BS Corvette), Rob Robeson (CS Mazda), Jeffrey Geiger (FS Camaro), Jacqueline Fose (GS Audi), Jim Harris (ASP Corvette), Larry Casey (XP Cobra), Matt Felten (BM Reynard), Karl Loper (SM Camaro)

Local single class winners include Gary Miller (SS Corvette Sunday), Joe Oxenham (ESP Mustang Saturday), Chris Fritz (BSP Subaru Sunday), Ken Bane (STS Mazda Sunday), Bill Smith III (AM Lotus Sunday).

Other local drivers in the Top 25 on Saturday included Honeycutt 13th, John Felten (BM Reynard) 15th, TInk Phillips (XP Daytona Coupe) 16th, Karl Loper  22nd, and Gary Miller 24th.

Other local drivers in the Sunday Top 25 included Tink Phillips 13th, Miller 14th,  Barry Knotts (XP Cobra) 17th,  Bill Nyga (BSP Corvette) 19th, Fritz  21st and Loper  25th.


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Maggie Sticker

CHAIN SAW - Jason has taken big whacks at the Becker Racing M-Coupe's bodywork - coned a killer 66 flat Saturday run.

ANCHOR MAN - It was so windy Sunday, announcer Joe Oxenham nearly become CBE's first-ever balloon boy.

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