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Southern Comfort The 60's Are Back
SOUTHERN COMFORT - His classic Caldwell came up eight tenths short on the Saturday long course, but Stan Vann carried Sunday FTD with an early-day hot lap. THE 60'S RETURN - Doug Dearie's jaw dropping Corvette Grand Sport tribute and a Chevron Group C racer headlined the 2009 Historics show and charity dinner.


WILEY FORD, WV – For two glorious high-sky sunny days, the clock rolled back 40 years to the heyday of the Cumberland Nationals, as drivers from north and south of Mason Dixon Line battled at the Cumberland Regional Airport.

Driving south for the 2009 Cumberland Historics came a gaggle of Steel Town Corvette and North Hills Club drivers well armed for a fight in the production classes.  Campaigning north from Virginia and the Carolinas, came open wheel rockets Vann and Cutchins in search of overall victory.  And just as they did at Bull Run a century and half ago, the community came out in large numbers in parasols (and newer E-Z Ups) to watch the show.

Mark Boggs’ monsterpiece Saturday course took over 70 seconds to cover… so long, in fact, that drivers getting three runs matched their usual seat time in a typical five run day at Cumberland.

Matt Felten’s B-Mod Reynard led flag-to-flag for FTD, it seemed.  Running in the same second group, the C-Mod Caldwell of North Carolina’s Stan Vann could get no closer than .854 seconds.  Three Virginians ran within 4-tenths of each other to round out the Top 5 overall.  Dave Cuthchin’s C-Mod Euroswift was third, with Cumberland Airport stars Jeff Duncan and Wade Chamberlain just behind.

Other Saturday results of note included a 7th overall for Cobra jockey Doug Smith (his best-ever CBE finish); Francois Bru’s 9th overall/PAX win in his BSP WRXsti and Joe Oxenham’s blistering Mustang run, good for 16th overall, fifth in PAX and upsetting strong Central PA ace Gary Gurchik in ESP.

Sunday was a different story as the Southerners sharpened their aim.  The chase was on early.  Vann laid down a 48.100 second pass around noon, followed immediately by a Cutchins 49.421 lap.  Despite late heroics, these passes would be the high water mark for the Southern side and stood for first and fourth fastest overall.  Perhaps because the sun had finally saturated the taxiway tarmac, brave excursions down into the high 48-second range by Felten and Chamberlain were good for only second and third in the fight for FTD.  Mike Moran’s 50.048 was good enough for fifth overall and second in XP.

As if more proof of performance was needed, Chamberlain and Vann ran first and second in PAX, leading Bru, Moran and Central PA’s Don Wilson in an SS Corvette in the PAX Top 5.

Two-day winners in contested classes included Rob Robeson (BS RX8), Meg Ellis (ES Miata), Nigel Cass (GS Mini), Francois Bru (BSP WRXsti), Joe Oxenham (ESP Mustang), Wade Chamberlain (XP FFR Cobra), Stan Vann (CM Caldwell), Gary Hughes (EM Stalker) and Karl Loper (SM Camaro).

Saturday local contested class winners included Steve Wilson (ASP Porsche), Steve Wade (DSP Mini) and Matt Felten (BM Reynard).  Sunday local winners in contested classes included Lee Watson (DSP SRT4).

Local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 also included John Felten 13th, Sean Pfeiffer 15th, Barry Knotts 21st and Tink Phillips 24th.  Local drivers in the Sunday Top 25 also included Greg Honeycutt 13th, John Felten 14th, Tink Phillips 18th and Gary Miller 20th.

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Fox and Hound King Cobra

FOX AND HOUND - Cumberland top dog Matt Felten was uncatchable on Saturday, but a bid to battle back for FTD on his last Sunday run was a tenth shy of Vann's second pass.

UBER SNAKE - The hotly contested XP battle raged on, but results were familiar as Virginian Wade Chamberlain continued to claim CBE as "his house."

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