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DESERT DUTY – Tire squirters worked overtime as tarmac temps soared well into triple digits through the weekend.

PICTURE THIS – Stunning images of 1960 and 1962 Cumberland events donated by BARC boy Dave Nicholas sold for charity.

Reynard Racers Prevail In Historic Heat Wave

WILEY FORD, WV - The biggest battle at Cumberland’s sixth annual Airport Historics was an uphill fight against Mother Nature, as a sold-out field shuffled through record breaking heat and scorching sun over three days of competition and vintage sports car programming.

The traditional Friday night Porsche /Corvette shoot-out, now dedicated to Pittsburgh racing great Bob McClure (one of the few people to race at Cumberland in both the 1960’s and the modern autocross series) ended in a double Porsche win.  Chesapeake PCA’s team, deep with local members, edged the Steel Town Corvette club to even the series at 3-3.

Centreville Virginia Porsche racer Bob Williams repeated as Top Gun Eliminator, edging Smooth Jim Harris’s ZO6 by a scant .07 seconds in the final bracket race.

Following modern tradition, the June leg of the Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Autocross Series features a longer course. The Saturday course shimmered almost out of sight down the CBE taxiway in the oppressive sun.  No fewer than 8 previous Fast Time Of The Day winners were among the field of 108 entrants.

Cumberland’s Matt Felten, fresh off a May Icebreaker FTD, covered the field in his 1984 Reynard B Mod formula car - igniting a 58.097 pass late in the second run group.  Greg Honeycutt’s Reynard continued to sharpen from an off-season rebuild and the multiple FTD winning local driver whittled under 59 seconds for second fastest overall. May ’06 Icebreaker FTD Jason Becker was third in his flying SM2 class M-Coupe.  Defending Cumberland Cobra Cup champ Wade Chamberlain continued a season-long regional rivalry with Porsche top dog Bob Williams, edging Williams for fourth overall by .014 seconds.

Sunday’s course returned to more typical length, yielding more runs for each driver and fewer off course excursions, but no relief from the heat. 

Felten and Honeycutt resumed their chase at the front with the same outcome, but much closer times. Honeycutt clawed to within .034 seconds on his fourth run and had a shot to grab the day’s honor on his last pass but couldn’t better his time, the final pass re-run after a red flag for a spinning competitor. Reston, Virginia’s Jeff Duncan pressed the Attack of the Lotus 7 Clones with strong third place showing, followed by the Chamberlain Cobra’s second fourth place of the weekend.  Cobra shoe John Hubbell “fluke proofed” himself and backed up his notable Cumberland Icebreaker performance with the fifth fastest time of the day.

Two day contested class winners included Jim Harris (SS Z06), Connie Fournier (AS Corvette), Rob Robson (BS Mazda), Meg Ellis (ES Mazda), Mark Liller (FS Dodge Charger), Dan Whiteman (ASP Porsche), Steve Hotchkiss (BSP Corvette), Joe Oxenham (ESP Mustang), Matt Felten (BMod Reynard), Gary Hughes (EMod Bruton Stalker), Chris Buntrock (ST Honda), Francois Bru (STU Subaru) and Wade Chamberlain (XP Cobra).

Local single day class winners included Jeremy Snyder (Sunday DS Cobalt).

Local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included Matt Felten, Greg Honeycutt, Steve Hotchkiss 22nd and John Felten (BMod Reynard) 23rd.

Sunday Top 25 local drivers included Matt Felten, Greg Honeycutt, John Felten 9th, Tink Phillips (XP Daytona) 11th, Gary Miller (SS Z06) 16th and Steve Hotchkiss 21st.


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THAT CLOSE – Bob Williams’ familiar RSR resto-mod barely captured its second straight Top Gun Eliminator trophy.

SUPER STOCKER – Jim Harris narrowly missed the Top Gun trophy but cruised to double SS wins.

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