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WILEY FORD, WV - The 2011 Harvest Moon Autocross could be heard changing gears as it climbed up the access road to the Cumberland Airport - towing an early Fall weather front, two visiting mod cars in the hands of serious drivers and some unfinished business for the Fast 40 PAX qualifiers, still trying to get to their promised bracket shoot-out.

The event delivered all this in good order.

Saturday’s battle for FTD was joined early as Chuck Sieber (EM Lotus-Buick) and Norm Beaver (DM Caterham) were back on the CBE tarmac and lowering the bar with every second-heat run.  The heat ended with Sieber sitting on a red-hot 41.648, a scant .111 ahead of Beaver.  In the thundering third heat, XP jockeys Doug Smith, Larry Casey, Fred Kelly and Wade Chamberlain all got down into the 42’s but no faster.  Matt Felten, also running in the third heat, defended his house, and ran a sneaky smooth 41.297 to grab the overall top spot.  Sieber was second, Beaver third. Chamberlain and Kelley rounded out the Top Five.

Throughout Saturday, the PAX Fast 40 went back and forth, the top shoot-out seeds contested between Paul Przyborski (DS Subaru), Ron Dotts (BS Corvette), Mike Lane (BSP Nissan) and Gary Miller (SS Z06).  A number of drivers sat on the bubble at #16 in the afternoon, all eventually succumbing to Pete Harrison (BS Honda) who ended the drama with a great Heat Four lap to squeeze into the Sweet 16. 

The brackets ran fast and the upsets rolled. Mike Moran played giant killer in the Oxenham ESP Mustang taking out bracket racing legends Chamberlain and Kelley.  Top seeded Przyborksi dodged a bullet in the first round, coning but surviving.  From there on out, he just got faster and faster, running his best time of the entire day in the final match-up with fourth seeded Mike Lane, who trailered Dangerous Ron Dotts to reach the final.  The first CBE PAX Shoot Out Lucite goes to Paul, the Piston Rod of Shame went home with Mike.

Beaver and Sieber arrived eager on Sunday to finish their Harvest Moon visit on an upswing.   Norm’s Caterham seemed especially happy with the rhythm of the lengthened Sunday course, squeezing through the fast-but-narrow kink with apparent abandon and turning the tables on running mate Sieber by the end of Heat 1-2.  With plenty of time to strategize in the condensed two-heat format, the Capital Area Cobra Club elite whittled away at Beaver’s 47.151 but could get no closer than second-place overall Wade Chamberlain’s 47.449.   Club mates Doug Smith and Fred Kelley grabbed 4th and 5th overall behind Sieber.

Two-day winners in contested classes included Gary Miller (SS ZO6), Ron Dotts (BS Corvette), Ken Bane (CS Mazda), Ted Haines (GS Mustang), Wade Chamberlain (XP Cobra), Mark Boggs (EP Porsche), Bill Staley Jr. (SMF Honda), Sandy Smith (STR Austin Healey) and Karl Loper (SM Camaro).

Single day local winners in contested classes included Troy Clark (Saturday HS Focus) and Joe Oxenham (Sunday ESP Mustang).

Other local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included Tink Phillips 9th,  Karl Loper 11th,  Gary Miller 13th,  Steve Hotchkiss 20th,  Ken Bane 23rd and Joe Oxenham 24th.

Other local drivers in the Sunday Top 25 included Phillips 6th, Miller 9th, Loper 10th, Barry Knotts 13th,  Ken Bane 18th, Oxenham 19th and Hotchkiss 20th.


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VISTING GOOD GUY - Norm Beaver, fresh off a trophy performance at the SCCA Solo Nationals grabbed his first CBE FTD at the 2011 Harvest Moon

RESIDENT EVIL- The CACC top guns were near the front all weekend but came up just short for FTD and falling to PAX bracket rocket racers.

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