Greg's Reynard John Felten's Reynard
DOUBLE TROUBLE - Sterling,VA driver David Tilton brings his supercharged C6 to the starting line under the watchful eye of first heat starter Karl Loper. EXOTIC EXIGE – Daniel Hill’s Lotus Exige was still sporting temporary tags as it tackled two Mark Boggs designed courses at the Cumberland Regional Airport.


WILEY FORD, WV – Murfreesboro, North Carolina cotton farmer Stan Vann left home headed for the Harvest Moon Airport Autocross at 7 PM Friday night, arriving barely in time to enter the event.

By weekend’s end, Vann added two more Fast Time of the Day (FTD) titles to this year’s harvest. Behind him, among 182 entries at the fifth leg of the 2006 Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Autocross Series, a rising tide of Street Mod and Street Touring cars snarled into the limelight.

On Saturday, Vann’s 1970 Caldwell D9 Formula Ford ripped off a magic pass in the 43 second range when no one else could get under 45 seconds. Cumberland’s Greg Honeycutt briefly held FTD in the last run group, as did third place John Felten running in the previous group – both in Reynards. Matt Felten finished fourth and McLean,VA rocket Chuck Sieber was fifth best in his Buick powered Lotus Esprit.

Sunday’s field added former SCCA D-Mod National Champion Larry Shauf. The Pennsylvania driver’s tube-frame Lotus suffered a fire earlier this year and was out to Cumberland for shake-down. Shauf held FTD going into the day’s final group, before falling to second at the hands of Vann. John and Matt Felten made it a pair of family top fives finishing third and fourth, with Wade Chamberlain’s Factory Five Cobra finishing fifth in the chase for FTD.

SCCA title-holder Dean Sapp won the PAX FTD for adjusted time by large margins both days in a 2005 FS Mustang. Rob Harris (Corvette C5 ZO6) and Dennis Howard (Porsche 996 TT) shared Stock class FTD honors for the weekend. Chamberlain’s supercharged Cobra dominated Prepared car categories both days. Noel Hall (Porsche 944 Turbo) and Dan Whiteman (Porsche 911SC) took turns leading a panzer parade in Street Prepared classes. Steve Wade and Jim Harris in Mini-Coopers split Street Touring FTD honors.

Double winners in contested classes included Vann, Chamberlain, Sapp, Karl Loper (SM Camaro), Bill Gerhaghty (BS Porsche), Bill Nyga (BSP Corvette), Ted Redmer (CSP Toyota MR2), Rob Robeson (HS Dodge), Mark Boggs (DSP Porsche 914), Fred Pfeiffer III (DM Porsche 914), Dave Williams (DP Porsche 944) and David Tilton (SM2 Corvette).

The fastest growing classes in Cumberland are Street Mod and Street Tourng X. Loper’s Camaro remains an undisputed class king on the airport tarmac with Ken Banes monster Mustang always close behind – but a gaggle of VW Golf and GTI variants led by Anand Dhanda and Tom Armentrout are going faster at recent airport events, as are Paul Pryzborski’s Hyundai and Jeff Isreal’s R32 Golf in STX.

Single day local winners in contested classes included Richard Biancone (Saturday ES Datsun), Meg Ellis (Sunday ES Miata) and Jim Shultz (STT BMW).

Local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 also included Loper in 8th place, Bane 16th, Tink Phillips (BP Daytona) 19th and Bill Smith IV (EM Porsche) 23rd. Local Sunday Top 25 drivers also included Loper 7th, Phillips 13th, Bane 16th, Fred Pfeiffer III 22nd, Sean Pfeiffer (DM Porsche) 24th and Steve Wilson (ASP Porsche 951S) 25th.

Registration is now open for the October 28-29 Pumpkin Carve Airport Autocross and can be downloaded by clicking here.


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Impressive Impreza Flying
SOUTH BOUND PIG – Pictures really are worth a thousand words according to Mike McCagh who decorated the north end of this south-bound picnic entrée. SAPP RUNS IN THE FALL – Double pax winner Dean Sapp was a crowd pleaser in Jim Shebest’s F Stock Mustang Convertible.

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