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King of the Hill More Loti

KING OF THE HILL – Larry Casey “played through” as the #1 qualifying Cobra, winning the Top Gun 4 trophy.

MORE LOTI - Chris and Loretta More brought their Lotus from Port Matilda to challenge Jim Harris’ ZO6 is SS


WILEY FORD, WV – The meat of National Road Autosports motor sports season - four events within four weeks – was served up well done in the searing heat of the Devil’s Duel “Top Gun 4” Shoot Out and 2009 Speed Week Autocross.

Just five days after the Pennsylvania Hill Climb Series closed up tent at Polish Mountain and moved on to Duryea, the Capital Area Cobra Club met the 2009 Cumberland Airport All Stars in the fourth annual Devil’s Duel. 

The All Stars, led by SCCA standout Jason Becker’s blistering best time in the qualifier, retained the team title.  In a revised replay of the first three Duels, CACC retained bragging rights to Top Gun Eliminator. Larry Casey, fresh off a class win at Polish Mountain, squeezed into the brackets with a clutch third run in the qualifier, then methodically eliminated Joe Oxenham and Brian Karwan to reach a semi-final show down with teammate Fred Kelly.  Casey squeezed through by .006 seconds and gained the advantage of fast time over All Star Becker in the final.   Becker ran the night’s fastest time on his last pass, a 53.928 but coned twice and Casey waltzed to the trophy with a 55.928.

The Saturday edition of Speed Week was a fox and hound rematch between Cumberland formula car driver Greg Honeycutt and Cobra ace Wade Chamberlain for FTD.  The Becker M3 Coupe’s early 51.732 pass stood until the third group when Chamberlain and Casey lowered the bar.

In the fourth group, John Hubbell relegated Becker to fifth with a run .245 slower than Casey, ending fourth overall.  Honeycutt, coming off a double FTD at the Sizzler just three weeks (but now four events) ago, came out fast and quickly dispatched Chamberlain’s 50.969, ending with a 50.608 to pad his FTD streak to three straight.

Sunday was a replay of sorts.  Absent Casey and Kelley who were competing at Fed Ex Field, the third group ushered Chamberlain, EMod king Gary Hughes and All Star captain Jim Harris into the top three overall spots.  In the fourth, Honeycutt cruised to his fourth straight FTD, eventually winning by .707 over Chamberlain.  Mike Moran had most colorful trip to the Top 5, beginning in the Hughes Stalker, but bowing out to preserve the owner’s rubber when the early signs of a cord appeared. Mike re-appeared co-driving his usual Subaru ride in the fourth group to complete his runs, ending up fourth fastest .031 behind Hughes and a scant .003 ahead of Harris. Thus, the Overall Top 5 rounded out and Mike Moran scored a CBE first, finishing both a gentleman’s 4th and an ephemeral 22nd.   Biblical Solomon clearly needed these kinds of options.

The event’s other duel of note was a two-day brawl in A Stock.   Recently hot Pete Harrison in an S2000, Charm City ace Alan Pozner in a Porsche Boxster, NASA SuperCup track rat Steve Wilson in his daily driver 993 and steadily improving Chris Fritz in a Subaru were among eight racers chasing the Gran Sport Corvette of Central PA SCCA luminary Ron Dotts.

Dotts cruised on Saturday, best Pozner by .606 to take the class win.  On Sunday, the Fournier’s of Pittsburgh and Steve Hotchkiss joined the fray and Pozner nailed a 50.217 run to lay down the gauntlet for Dotts.   No sweat , as it turned out, as Dotts got under 49 seconds by his third run and captured the weekend class double.

Other local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included John Felten 10th,  Matt Felten 11th,  Joe Oxenham 15th, Tink Phillips 16th,  Harrison 22nd, Karl Loper 23rd, Hotchkiss 24th and Boggs 25th.  Local Sunday Top 25 drivers included Oxenham 10th, Phillips 14th, and Harrison 21st.

Double contested class winners for the weekend including Honeycutt (BM Reynard), Chamberlain (XP Cobra), Harris (SS ZO6), Dotts (AS Corvette), Rob Robeson (BS Mazda), Meg Ellis (ES Mazda), Mark Liller (FS Charger), Larry Zajdel (GS Mini),  Alex Redding (HS MGB-GT), Kenn Nyga (ESP Trans Am),  Jeff Duncan (BM Ultralite), and Gary Hughes, (EM Stalker).

Local single day winners in contested classes included Hotchkiss (Saturday BSP Corvette), Doug Macy (Saturday DSP Audi), Mark Boggs (Saturday AM Lotus), Karl Loper (Saturday SM Camaro),  Harrison (Sunday BSP Corvette) and Ken Bane (Sunday SM Mustang).

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Honeycutt Dotts

FOUR FOR FOUR – Greg Honeycutt made it four straight FTD titles with two convincing fourth group performances.

DOTTS CONNECTS – Ron Dotts had another good weekend at CBE, topping two full fields of AS contenders.

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