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TICKET TO RIDE - Matt Felten methodically overwhelmed all comers on Saturday, winning FTD by nearly a second.

WILD HORSES - Wade Chamberlain took the blower off his Cobra but ended up going plenty fast on an edgy Sunday FTD run.


WILEY FORD, WV -  “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” was pretty much the story at the 2011 Cumberland Airport Autocross Series season closing Pumpkin Carve.   More precisely, some rides had already died, a couple cars were new and the fastest ones were blue.

Cloudy conditions graced the typically festive final Saturday of the CBE season.  Organizers were giving away a big pile of pumpkins - one with every entry - and pirate flags as 71 drivers searched for grip, limited by lack of heat in the tarmac and too many heats on most of the tires.

Running in the second heat, Matt Felten whittled methodically down to 43.996 on the tight Boggs course and that time stuck for FTD. McLean, Virginia ace Chuck Sieber was out in the Maryland Mountains for the weekend and he grabbed second overall - almost a second back without any noticeable warming effect during the fourth heat,.   Gary Hughes showed the promise of this re-engined Bruton Stalker to grab a podium spot out of the third group, followed by his club mate (and friendly tormentor) Wade Chamberlain.  Local open wheeler Greg Honeycutt’s time from the fourth run group run rounded out the Top 5. 

Jonathan Claypool’s evil Diamond Star Evo was the Saturday Pax king, edging September Pax Rat Shootout winner Paul Pryzborski, by .176 seconds.

Sunday weather was more of a factor.  Thick morning fog surrounded presentations of the Zip Tie Cup to Paul Pryzborski (his second) and the umpteenth straight Cobra Cup to a Mr. “W. Chamberlain.”  The sun broke through slowly.  Taxiways A and B began to offer a little more grip after lunch, exposing Felten’s second heat 47.583 lap to a more serious challenge from the drivers who followed.

Wade Chamberlain was instantly within striking distance and his FFR Cobra seemed willing to take the abuse required to zip through an offset kink and a closing paper clip faster than any others .   After coning a sub-47 second pass, he added another Cumberland FTD to his autocross legacy with a masterful 47.027 run.  Fellow Cobra jockeys Fred Kelley and Doug Smith were third and fourth.   Randy Pearson became the first SS car in recent memory to make the Top 5 in his 2008 ZO6.

Two other weekend long battles of note were waged by Zip Tie teammates Joe Oxenham and Rob Robeson, co-driving Joe’s Miata in STS and by Doug Macy (Audi Q90) and Steve Wade (Mini), who renewed their long time rivalry in DSP.

Double winners in contested classes included Jay Gyger (BS Porsche), Jeff Duncan (BSP BMW M3), Shawn Roberts (CSP Mazda), Steve Wade (DSP Mini), Chamberlain (XP FFR Cobra), Steve Wilson (EP Porsche),  Bill Smith IV (AM Locost),  Matt Felten (BM Reynard) and Karl Loper (SM Camaro).

Single day local contested class winners included Michael Bane (Saturday CS Mazda), Ken Bane (Sunday CS Mazda), Garrett Barnett (Saturday FS Mustang), 
Ted Haines (Sunday GS Mustang), Troy Clark (HS Ford) and Steve Hotchkiss (Saturday SSM Corvette).

Other local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included Tink Phillips (XP Daytona) 12th, Barry Knotts (XP Cobra) 13th,  Gary Miller 15th,  Eric Barnett (SS Corvette) 18th,  Bill Smith IV 19th,  Karl Loper 21st and Steve Hotchkiss 24th.

Other local drivers in the Sunday Top 25 included Phillips 11th, Miller 12th,  Knotts 14th, Loper 16th,  and Bill Smith IV 18th.


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THINGS GO BETTER - Are we surprised that Doc Mike's version of the tire trailer carries cold beverages for long distances?

ORANGE RINDS - As usual, the CBE crowd celebrated season's end in a variety of creative ways.

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