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ARRGGGH - A pirate theme flew from the yardarms over the biggest field of the 2010 Cumberland autocross season. COBRA LEVITATES - Troy Torbett's Cobra ended up in Doc's garage suspended above the floor to avoid a major FoMoCo tissue rejection issue.


WILEY FORD, WV - With fast corsairs sailing in from all points of the compass, the pirate-themed 2010 Pumpkin Carve served up pitched battles from top to bottom, am excting climax to the annual 2010 Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Autocross Series. 

Perhaps most telling to the tale was the number of cars trying to nose over into Davy Jone’s locker after a hard fought season – several including those of Larry Casey, Jim Harris and Mark Boggs where in pieces at the beginning of the week, and the likes of Torbett, Pryzborski, Biancone, Robseon and Lambiotte needed tools or teammates to get their listing dinghies back to port by the end of the weekend.

Saturday’s field, biggest of the CBE season, included a squadron of Southwest West Virginia stock and prepared class pilots and old hands from the coal lined shoals of Western Pennsylvania.  Prepared class Cobra racers from Capital Area Cobra Club and privateer stables, were in the field and the paddock to witness the final chapter of a back-and-forth season battle for the Cumberland Cobra Cup.

A narrow course and cold morning temperatures confounded the field on Saturday, with SS winning Jerry Chadwell’s Hurricane WV-based Corvette being the fastest first heat driver at 18th overall.  All drivers ahead of him in overall time came from the third and fourth heats.

The attack began in earnest in the third, with Reynard captains leading the pirate fleet.  Matt Felten continued his recent domination, finishing with a 1.478 second edge over Greg Honeycutt for FTD.  Danny Kao’s Caterham was flying its colors, grabbing fourth overall. Cup contender Wade Chamberlain, plagued by cones, floundered out of the Top 10.  Larry Casey, needing to be the top Cobra both days, ran strong but was spanked down to 6th overall by former Cumberland FTD club mate Fred Kelley.  The Cup race was now totally scuttled.  As the CACC fleet retired to the gazebo to do the math, Mike Moran took advantage of warming tarmac to grab the XP class win and third overall in the Subaru Impreza that carried him to his first Cumberland FTD back in August.

Sunday began warmer and the course was more open, promising faster times.  Matt “The Closer” Felten illustrated the point with an eye-popping 45.700 FTD run.  Behind him, the three contenders for the Cobra Cup - knowing now that Larry Casey could still tie and force a run-off with a club win - were all flying and all on form.   With only .050 between them, the Cobras of Kelley, Chamberlain and Casey ran 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall – pushing Honeycutt to 5rh and delivering yet another Cobra Cup to Chamberlain’s mantle.  

Pax winners were Mike Moran (XP Subaru) on Saturday and Randy Pearson (SS Corvette ZO6) on Sunday.

Two-day winners in contested classes included Ron Dotts (BS Corvette), Rob Robeson (CS Mazda), Allan Wallace (HS Subaru),  Doug Macy (DSP Audi), Kurt Rezzetano BP Corvette), Matt Felten (BM Reynard), Jonathan Claypool (STU Mitsubishi), Bill Staley, Jr. (SMF Honda) and Karl Loper (SM Camaro).

Local single day class winners included Larry Zejdel (Saturday DS Mini), Meg Ellis (Saturday ES Mazda) and Jeffrey Geiger (Sunday FS Camaro),

Other local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included Barry Knotts (XP Cobra) 13th and TInk Phillips (XP Daytona) 21st.   Other local Sunday Top 25 drivers included John Felten (BM Reynard) 7th, Knotts 11th, Gary Miller (SS ZO6) 22nd, Phillips 23rd and Karl Loper (SM Camaro) 25th.


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ZIP TIE CUP - Rob Robeson won the coveted Zip Tie Cup in his first season on the roster, gas can commemorating Rob's trip to the Solo Nationals.

PIG WITH NO NAME - Gary Blake performed the honors, sworn to a pirate's oath not to reveal any details leading to the point of consumption.

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