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Duncan Double King Cobra

DUNCAN DOUBLES  – Virginian Jeff Duncan scored an impressive double Pumpkin Carve FTD, capped a season of consistent Top 5 finishes.

KING COBRA –  Wade Chamberlain’s FFR Cobra has now won three consecutive Cobra Cups. (Ben Lambiotte photo)


WILEY FORD, WV -  Capping off a season of consistent Top 5 finishes, Jeff Duncan finally broke through the rain and gloom in his WCS Ultralite to capture a double FTD at the sixth annual Pumpkin Carve Autocross…but not without considerable challenges from Mother Nature and a field full of talented, determined chasers.

Friday night, storm clouds gathered over the Potomac Highlands, sending waves of rain showers across the Cumberland Regional Airport through early Saturday afternoon.  The friendly buzz at registration suggested Saturday could be a “Subaru day.”  It very nearly was.

Science racers Jake, Mike and Jen Moran brought their evil SM class Subaru Impreza with the full intention of getting one of them over the top an onto the Runaway Café’s Autocross Wall of Fame.  Entering Saturday’s fourth heat Mike Moran stood alone at the top of the speed charts with 48.475 lap,logged in the second heat between showers.  But the course dried quickly in the fourth thanks to a brisk cool breeze, allowing brother Jake to slip into the 47-second range.

Drying conditions also allowed Dangerous Dan Whiteman in his familiar 911SC and Duncan’s Lotus 7 clone to drop down into the 46’s and they waged a dramatic back and forth battle for FTD that ended in a .463 second win for Duncan, earned in his very last pass of the day.   Francois Bru from Silver Spring made it three in the Top 5 for Subaru with a 48 second pass on street tires.

The Pennsylvania-based “Chris Squared” duo of Chris Buntrock and Chris Carlisle took full advantage of the drying conditions and scored impressive 6th and 7th overall finishes in STS class Hondas, giving street class cars 6 of the 7 best Saturday laps.

Sunday, the course was dry the entire day under clearing skies.  Duncan’s challenge this day came from more familiar faces.  In the third heat, 2008 Cobra Cup Champ (and Devil’s Duel Top Gun) Wade Chamberlain’s other worldly 42.622 pass took full advantage of a two-day learning curve on Mark Boggs’ similar twin courses.  Former FTD winners John Felten and Gary Hughes also made it into the 43’s during the third heat, good enough for third and fourth overall.  Duncan and Jake Moran came out focused in the fourth heat and repeated their strong Saturday showings, clinching FTD and fifth overall respectively.

Two-day contested class winners included Mark Liller (FS Dodge Charger), Alex Redding (HS MGB-GT), Dan Whiteman (ASP Porsche), Steve Hotchkiss (BSP Corvette), Brad Pegher (DSP Acura), Chris Buntrock (STS Honda),  Francois Bru (STU Subaru),  Jake Moran (SM Subuaru) and Wade Chamberlain (XP FFR Cobra).

Local single day contested class winners included Pete Harrison (Saturday AS Honda), Gary Miller (Sunday SS ZO6), Steve Wilson (Saturday BS Porsche) and Joe Oxenham (Saturday ESP Mustang),

Local drivers in the Saturday Top 25 included Harrison 8th,  Oxenham 12th, Hotchkiss 14th,  Doug Macy (DSP Audi) 16th,  Ken Bane (BSP Corvette) 17th,  Steve Wilson 18th,  Sean Pfeiffer (BM Crosle) 19th, Rich Biancone (BSP Datsun) 21st and Tink Phillips (XP Daytona) 22nd.

Sunday Top 25 local drivers included John Felten 3rd, Phillips 10th, Miller 12th, Hotchkiss 14th, Karl Loper (SM Camaro) 17th, Harrison 18th, Barry Knotts (XP Cobra) 20th and Bane 24th.


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Bowling Green Zip Tied Trophy

DUKE OF BOWLING GREEN – “Smooth Jim” Harris was awarded the Steel Town Corvette Yenko Trophy for 2008. (Ben Lambiotte photo)

ZIP TIED TROPHY  -  The Team Zip Tie 2008  trophy went to Joe Oxenham, who plans to proudly display same in his gym locker.

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