IT’S GOOD TO BE FAST – Pittsburgh’s Kent “Rocket” Rafferty claimed FTD in his ZO6 on Saturday and nearly spoiled Derek Schwarz’s breakthrough day on Sunday, denied only by a bobble at Terminal Turn. PANZER BOOKENDS – Chesapeake PCA was out in force for the Carve. Derek Schwartz’s black 993TT and Joe Zuramski’s white 996 GT1 were among the high flyers on a fast and furious weekend.

Rafferty Runs Strong, Derek Breaks Through
At Record Smashing Pumpkin Carve

WILEY FORD, WV –Derek Schwarz was long overdue to grab a Fast Time of The Day (FTD) title in the Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Autocross Series.

The popular Chesapeake Region Porsche ace and his jet black 993 Twin Turbo snapped his winless streak at the 2005 season finale Pumpkin Carve Autocross by outrunning the biggest, fastest field in the three years of autocross at the historic airport venue - but not before another black car came within a eyelash of denying him again.

Saturday, Schwarz made a sizzling 39.973 down payment on his first Cumberland FTD. It was not be, as transplanted Californian Rick Gould’s red CSP Mazda and Pittsburgh racer Kent Rafferty’s black SS Corvette Z06 pushed each other faster and faster in the last run group. Gould got down to 39.710 and Rafferty claimed FTD at 39.632, dropping Schwarz to third place. West Virginian Dan Whiteman (ASP Porsche 911SC) and SCCA Club Racing standout Chas Shaffer (BM Van Diamen RF00) from Catlett, VA rounded out the Top Five.

Sunday’s FTD battle shaped up the same way with Schwarz setting the bar at 37.442 on the faster second day course. This time, however, it stood up. Gould couldn’t get under 37.9 in the same group as Schwarz. Shaffer settled for 37.568 in the third group, good enough for second. Rafferty and Whiteman ran last, but both bobbled in the Terminal Turn heading for the finish line and settled for fourth and fifth place.

The event hosted a Miller Lite autocross series record of 248 entries, including entrants from the North Hills Autocross Series, Mini Club of Washington, the Capital Area Cobra Club, Steel Town Corvettes, Chesapeake and Allegheny Regions of the Porsche Club of America and the Steel Cities, Blue Ridge and Washington DC Regions of the Sports Car Club of America.

Double winners in contested classes for the weekend included Rafferty in SS, Schwarz in ASP, Shaffer in BM, Gould in CSP plus Ethan Conner (BS BMW M3), Rudy Orawiec (BSP Corvette), Dave Heinz (DSP BMW), Tink Phillps (ESP Mustang), Dave Stoner (BP Corvette), Chris Carlisle (ST Honda), Mike Moran (SM Subaru) and Tim Murphy (SM2 Mazda).

Top 25 local finishers on Saturday included Greg Honeycutt (BM Reynard) 6th, Mike McCagh (SM2 Corvette) 16th and Matt Felten (BM Reynard) in 25th. Sunday local Top 25 finishers included Honeycutt 6th, Steve Hotchkiss (AS Corvette) 18th and John Felten in 25th.

Saturday contested class local winners included Meg Ellis (ES Mazda), Tom Evans (FS Firebird), Chris Folnsbee (HS Focus), Scott Pfeiffer (DM Porsche) and Joe Oxenham (STX Mustang Cobra). Sunday local class winner was Carl Wilt (GS Nissan).


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BEAUTY AND THE BEASTS – Not one - but two – new C6 ZO6’s appeared at the Cumberland Airport…pictured here with 70’s GM distance racing icon Bob McClure and Corvette motor sports marketing exec Karen Rafferty. WISE GUYS – Veteran drivers Dan Whiteman (left) and Noel Hall exchange war stories and racing secrets on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the pits. When these two guys talk, everybody listens!.

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